Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Poker Night is for Losers

I make lists of things to do on little desktop sticky notes. It helps my fragile little brain remember that playing Spore for five hours is probably not the best way to get ahead in life.


Anyway, I've decided to tie my experience points to the things on my lists. As in, "Oh joy and gladness! I did something on my list today, which means I get an experience point! Hurrah!

I've decided that 10 XP (experience points, not xylophone points like you were probably thinking) will be equal to 1 Life Point (LP), and that 10 LP will allow me to ascend to the next level of existence and become a Level 2 Human Bean.

Although this ascension would indeed give me great personal satisfaction, I'm beginning to realize that this whole point thing only works if I get new stuff with every level, or if I'm competing with someone.

Interesting. I'll have to think on this a little and get back to you all.

XP Count: 3
1 for doing dishes
1 for finding someone to take my shift on Saturday
1 for working on my RPG


Evan Carlson said...

As I meant to (but never got around to) mention in response to your previous post, I think this whole idea is really gnarly in a funky, awesome, and kewl way. Colgan and I thought of doing something similar for homework last year as a way to motivate us...but, true to form, we never were motivated enough to set up the actual system. This all leads me to my main point, which is: Keep me informed as to how this works. It's an idea I would certainly like to study further (side note, does this count as a subject within "Game Theory," or is it something else entirely?) and if it works, I want all of the details.

A couple more quick thoughts: If you're trying to really make this like a game, shouldn't the xp scale be graduated and constantly expanding? So like, it only takes 5 or 7 or 10 points to reach level two, but then it takes thirteen to reach level three, and so on and so forth.... And then, each of your super-levels could reset the system? So, ten levels could still get you a Human Bean or whatever, but then the xp scale goes back to 10xp for the first life point, etc.... Or you could just keep graduating it. The idea then would be that the more you accomplish things, the better and more proficient you will get at accomplishing things, and thus the system will drive you to be even better/more productive the more you play.
Second: You have absolutely hit on something with the competition/prize thing. The prizes can be absolutely banal and meaningless, but you still need something. Or you need others to compete with. What about if you were to create a "league" with standings or something. you could even create a small website that kept track of where you were compared to your opponents. And if you wanted, create like a milestone prize for the first one there or something (Loser(s) buy(s) a pizza for the winner or something funky and tasty like that). It could even be something less bro-partyish than that. Maybe just some sort of badge or online icon? I'd be delighted to hear your reactions to some of these thoughts...

Cameron said...

Sounds great. I'm willing to help get this started. I tried it before. Failed due to lack of motivation. I think having documented evidence that I am more awesome than you would be the final thing I need.

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