Friday, December 9, 2011

The Game

So, after reading my good friend Evan's giant comment, and seeing Cameron's interest, here are a few things I've been thinking of.

Making a small blogsite to keep track of the standings is a great idea. I shall do this forthwith.

Graduated XP amounts are also a great idea.

Here is the Graduated XP Scale:

Level 1: 10 XP
Level 2: 15 XP
Level 3: 20 XP

I think you understand the pattern.

Here's how all of this will work. At the beginning of your day, whenever that is, write down a list of things you would like to accomplish during that day. For every thing on that list that you accomplish, you'll earn an XP. If you complete all the things on your list, you'll gain 2 bonus XP.

First person to reach Level 10 gets a $10 gift card for something of his or her choice. Since it's just me and Cam right now, the loser will buy the gift card. If we get more people involved, the losers will each contribute an equal amount of money for the card.

I'm going to call this the Life Game. So far, Cam and I are the only players. If anyone's interested in joining us, hit me up!

Because it would be unfair to Cam and any other players, I'm voiding the XP I gained on my own. The game starts for real on Monday.



Jeremy C said...

LOL Wow, this actually sounds kinda fun! A few questions though: are there any regulations about what types of goals you can set to earn XP? For example, no beating the next level on a video game or other meaningless goals can earn XP. Or is there a minimum number of goals you have to set in order to get the 2 point conversion (aka 2 XP bonus)?

And 1 suggestion: If others join, have only the lowest scoring 50% (or other percentage) pay the winner. That way the top 50% pay nothing and receive nothing. Or perhaps just the top 10% pay nothing and receive nothing.

Direchihuahua said...

Goals that do not result in productivity are hereby banned. Naturally, that precludes video games. Unless, of course, you're designing one.

Here are a few examples of goals I've been setting recently:

Do dishes
Do laundry
Work on my RPG
Write 2 pages of my novel
Send an email to my BWS writers

I think people can make as few or as many goals as they like in a day. If they complete them all, they still get a bonus. It all works out in the end, because the people who set more goals will still generally get more experience points than those who set fewer goals.

Direchihuahua said...

Addendum: I like the top 10% idea. We'll do that.

Cameron said...

I like this and I am in, of course. Your system is better than the one I was thinking up. I would also recommend that you be allowed to include the goal of not doing something that you're in the bad habit of doing, like smoking.

If this works well, I'm thinking of incorporating it into an actual RPG. Leveling up your character is tied to achieving goals in real life.

Direchihuahua said...

I agree. Stopping a bad habit is also a valid goal. Good thought!

As for the real life/rpg connection, I was thinking about that earlier today! It would be interesting...I'm not quite sure how it would work though.

Rachel said...

lol i am excited about this. what a cool idea. will def help with my lacking motivation.

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