Monday, May 9, 2011

Blocked For: Technological Paranoia

I dread the day that content blockers go haywire and take over the world. Picture Skynet from the Terminator movies, only with no discernible purpose other than to keep mankind from finding anything on the internet. Forever.

My wife and I are living in university housing while she finishes school. University housing means university internet. University internet means university content blocker. University content blocker means pounding head repeatedly against keyboard.

It blocks me a lot, and it seems like the blocked categories get more absurd every time. Recently I've been blocked for "entertainment," and "humor," two of the internet's strongest pillars.

 I keep thinking that it won't be long before I'm getting blocked for things like "clowns" "cheese" and "Rudyard Kipling." After that, it's only a matter of time before we'll only be able to find the nyan cat.

At least the coming takeover will force people to read more books. 

Nyan. Nyan-nyan-nyan.


Tip: The nyan cat is a great deal more fascinating if you open the link in multiple tabs. And by fascinating I mean that it is capable of inducing an altered state of consciousness.


Cameron (The Computer) said...

You've got to play Paranoia XP or any Paranoia game. One of my favorite things to do in that game is classify random information.

I once gave them a mission briefing in which anything that might actually tell them what they were supposed to be doing was blacked out.

astoltz182x said...

I have acheived an alternate state of consciousness. Hello nirvana. Hahahahahaha HaaAAAA.

In other news, best thing that I have ever gotten blocked for in this university housing? Extreme Ironing for "intolerance/extremism,hobbies/interest" - Wait, whaaaaat???

Rachel said...

I sympathize. Got myself blocked often for "hobbies", and at least once for "religion"--this when I was trying to access a *Christian* religious site. Go figure...

And that nyan cat is just disturbing. Possibly because it's a piece of buttered bread with a cat's appendages that leaves a trail composed of rainbow, but more likely because I actually spent a good minute staring at it before I realized I was well on the way to that altered state of consciousness you mentioned...

Direchihuahua said...

Bow before the all-seeing nyan cat.
Nyan-nyan-nyan. O.O

Thanks for talking back, guys! Comments make me happy.


P.S. Austin, I clicked on your link. I am an idiot. (facepalm)

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