Thursday, March 12, 2009


There are very few types of humor that I don't find funny. When someone makes a joke, I generally laugh, no matter how "lame" it was. I think that's the real reason people keep me around, really. I'm an unintentional ego-boost.

Just kidding, of course.

I laugh when people do/say stupid things.
I laugh when people make puns.
I laugh at non-sequiturs.
I laugh at absurd situations (real or imagined, but real ones are funnier).
I laugh at the strange things that animals do.
I laugh (and groan) at scatological humor. Heck, the word "poop" is funny simply by virtue of its construction. I dare you to say the word poop loudly and distinctly without at least smiling. If you can do it you're a better (and more mature) person than me.
I laugh at lolcats. Yes, it's true. And I CAN has cheezburger.
I laugh at funny words (like poop, or snorkel), especially when I haven't had an adequate amount of sleep, oxygen, or both.
Sometimes, I laugh at the knowledge of how absolutely and completely screwed I am in a given situation. In some circles, they have a term used to describe this behavior: nervous breakdown. Really, I've never understood the stigma.

There are some things I will not laugh at, no matter how hard you try to make me. They are as follows:
Dead baby jokes: There is no word in the English language powerful enough to describe how much "no" I would like to express at this juncture.
Holocaust jokes: I'm all for a little gallows humor, but joking about mass slaughter (unless the joke is aimed at telemarketers, virus programmers, or democrats) crosses the line, in my opinion.
Jokes that involve racial slurs or stereotypes: I don't think they're funny, and don't appreciate people who do. I also don't appreciate when people from the particular ethnic group represented in a given joke think the joke's funny.

I'm sure there are others, but right now I can't really think of any. Next up comes the category of things that I probably shouldn't laugh at but do:

Sexual references: I don't know why I find them funny. I really, really don't. It would make things much easier if I didn't. But I do. I laugh and blush simultaneously.

I wonder what I look like when I blush. No one ever tells me anything awkward while I'm looking in a mirror, dangit. Ever make weird faces at yourself in a mirror? I used to do that a lot as a kid. Explains my range of facial expressions today, come to think of it. Hmm.

Oh yeah, sexual references.

Yeah, that's definitely a habit I'm trying to kick. It's really difficult though, especially since most people I know think they're funny too. I just feel so...soiled.


I think I'll take a shower.



ShatterLight said...

You're amazing.
And I'm now following your blog.
Be afraid.
No, more so than that.
There you go!

WilesOfStarlight said...

It's amazing how similar our senses of humor are. And I've always wondered what I look like when I blush, too. Funny, that.

Guiseppe said...

Ya know, I already knew most of those -- but they still made me laugh! Thank you for yet another little burst of laughter into my day. - Joe K

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