Wednesday, March 18, 2009

God Speaks

God spoke a couple of days ago. I didn't hear his voice, but I knew it was Him. He told me the same thing he told Cain so long ago: "If you do what is right, will not your countenance be lifted up?" That smarted a little. I mean, hadn't I been trying to change? Once again, my idea of righteousness fell to the ground like so many filthy rags.

Not long after that stunning revelation, He spoke again, this time through my mother, telling me that my self-focus was pulling me down into despair, and that I needed to start putting the interests of others before my own.

Thank you, God: Destroyer and Rebuilder.


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WilesOfStarlight said...

I'm so glad you heard from God. Like that Michael Card song in your last post, it's a terrible thing not to hear from Him. So I praise Him with you for His voice.

I guess God's way is never entirely free of pain, but you're right about Him rebuilding. I love that His Word created, and now His Word restores.

Praise Him for being Who He says He is!

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