Saturday, December 27, 2008


I've been mainlining episodes of the sci-fi show Eureka for the past couple of weeks. It's been an exhausting journey. I write this post at 6:50 AM not because I got up early, but because I have been up the entire night watching the aforementioned TV show. I have done this several times in a row (catching zees during the day, of course. Christmas break definitely has its perks).

I have a bad habit of latching onto shows after they've been on for a while, and then catching myself up as quickly as humanly possible by watching episodes online or checking out DVDs from the local library. Someday, it's probably going to kill me. But until then, I don't think I'm going to stop. There's way too much good story-telling out there...and I love stories, especially ones with good characters. Eureka has them in spades, although there are one or two plot choices I disagree with. But I digress...

In sum: "Awesome show. Go watch." 4.5/5 stars

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